How to learn Chinese easily

Learning Chinese seems to be very difficult because of the many characters it has or because of the difference between European languages and Chinese language. Practising it is the better way to learn Chinese and to improve your level. Here you can work on this easily and effectively. For that I am going to give you some practising guides:


  • Try to listen to songs, or stories to become familiar with the language.Here I add a Chinese song for the children, with which you can practise :

      • Hanging out with your Chinese people and asking them to speak Chinese with you. If you meet a Chinese person it is recommend to tell him to teach you some words or to show you how to pronounce words. In this way you would improve what you know and also learn more and more vocabulary.

        • Watching Chinese movies or TV shows with subtitles, this is the best ways to continually hear Chinese being spoken. For this take a look at this page: Chinese TV

        skdhnxalAs I said before, by this way you can hear Chinese being spoken. You would get used to hear Chinese and know how to pronounce properly.

      • Teaching English while living in China.This is a great way to combine immersion in the country while still supporting yourself. Various programs abound at Google ‘Teach English in China’ or ‘Teach English in Taiwan’.

        In this video Claire Lingham from Boston USA shares how her volunteer abroad experience contributed greatly to her success when learning Mandarin Chinese.
      • Visiting and traveling throughout China. By this way, you would be immersed in Chinese culture and you would know by first hand the most curious things of the country.

After using this advices don’t forget that to learn a language you musn’t stop learning it. You have to practice it regularly and be constant.

“The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying.”

[Benny Lewis, Blog: Learning Mandarin Chinese Is Easy; You Just Think It’s Hard]

I also add you a blog where a man tell us his own experience learning Chinese that I encourage you to read if you are interested on this topic: Why Chinese isn’t as hard as you think: over 8000 words of encouragement for potential learners


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