THE PROJECT: Before they pass away

Life in its purest form exists. Everybody knows that there are people in the most remote places on the edge of disappearance, but Jimmy Nelson has gone further, and decided to visit the last tribes around the world with one goal: make people do not forget how things were.

He has done 13 trips and visited 44 countries:

No matter where they are, tribes are the last resorts of natural authenticity. There is a pure beauty in their family ties, their belief in gods and nature, etc. Jimmy talks about his experience. He wanted to join their traditions and rituals and discover how the rest of the world, with their acts are forcing them to change their way of life forever, but the most important thing was to create a photographic document. A work that would be an irreplaceable memory of our disappearing world.
Thanks to these pictures we can immerse in the lives of the last indigenous people of the world, while we admire all their cultural creativity as painted faces, jewellery, ritual language,etc.

To sum ​​up, Jimmy Nelson forces us to see, to understand and to remember this people before they pass away. It is also a way of making people think if it is really worth making this a mere memory or if instead we should try to keep all of this “magic” as long as possible ..

Here you can see some examples of tribes that Jimmy Nelson met:

Huli tribe, Papua New Guinea


Asaro tribe, Papua New Guinea


Dani tribe, Papua Indonesia

Banna tribe, Ethiopia 

Maasai tribe, Tanzania


Maori tribe, New Zealand


Kazakh tribe, Mongolia


Nenet tribe, Yamal/Siberia


Vanuatu tribe, Vanuatu Islands


See the whole reportage and all the information available in:
Worth spend a bit time, photos are AMAZING.
Thanks for reading.


Before they pass away. (Retrieved on 2013, 20 November).

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