Famous people from China

Famous people from China.

Could you say that you know some famous from China?  Have you ever think how many famous people are from china?

It is to said that nowadays, famous people from China are not as well known as they could be the ones who are from America. Due to this, we should bear in mind that not all the famous are from America. Everyone should at least know five famous who have been born in this beautiful country called China and have succeded in the famous world.Lets go ahead and find out who are the five most popular people in China.

Top 5 of the famous people from china in 2012 : 

  1. Jay Chou
  2. Andy Lau
  3. Fan Bingbing
  4. Faye Wong
  5. Li Na

Jay Chou (born 18 January 1979) is a Taiwanese  musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumental and actor.He composes  all of his own songs, and he also  produces songs for other singers. Since releasing his first album in 2000, he has released one album per year, except for 2009. He has countless followers in Taiwan, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and other Asian countries and regions. He launched his “The Era 2011 World Tour” in June of 2011, and the concert tour included 15 cities around the globe. His latest album was released in December. In addition, his great performance in the newly released “The Viral Factor”, has received a lot of praise.

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Andy Lau   starred in the touching movie “A Simple Life” he has received awards at Taiwan’s 48th Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong’s 31th Hong Kong Film Awards. As one of the movie’s investors, he made a significant amount since the movie’s profits exceeded 90 million yuan (US$14.3 million) at the box office. His concert tickets also sold very well, confirming his unparalleled popularity. In this link we can find all the films in where we has been acting or even the ones that he has produced http://asianwiki.com/Andy_Lau


Fan Bingbing has many titles: Queen of Red Carpet, Hard-working Model andirst on the first of “50 Most Beautiful People in China” list in 2010 . She is a very smart actress and she  has set up her own studio called the Fan Bingbing Studio, in 2007. In 2010, she appeared in five movies, including “Future X-Cops,” “Buddha Mountain” and “Sacrifice”. Furthermore, she received the Best Actress Award for her role in “Buddha Mountain” at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, marking a leap in her acting career. It is also to say that her excellent performances in “Shaolin” and “The Founding of a Party” extended her popularity. Due to her good taste in fashion, she has been involved in magazines and has started working in a lot of famous ones.


Faye Wong, who is a singer-songwriter and actress,  is usually referred to in the media as a diva and she is one of the most successful Chinese singers. In 2000, she already had recorded 20 albums and sold a reported 9.7 million records. She was also the first Chinese singer appearing  on the cover of Time magazine- which you can find in this source http://www.time.com/time/-. She dont have fans just in china but  also in Japan. Although she retired from the entertainment industry in 2005, when she comeback in 2010 her concerts had an astonishing success. She joined in the 2011 and 2012 CCTV’s Spring Festival Galas and held a large amount of concerts, which received a lot of praise.


Li Na is a Chinese professional tennis player. In 2011, she defeated top-seeded Italian Francesca Schiavone, who won the French Open singles the year before, winning the Grand Slam championship and becoming the first Chinese player to grab the title. Many brands believe that her business influence has exceeded that of Yao Ming and Liu Xiang. After winning, she starred in many sponsorship advertisements for countless big brands, including Nike, Samsung and Rolex and Mercedes-Benz.



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