Nomadic people of the world

Since the beginning of time, nomadic people have roamed the earth. Looking for food, feeding their cattle. Looking for an existence, freedom. Living in the wild, mountains, deserts, on tundra and ice. With only a thin layer of tent between them and nature. Earth in the 21st century is a crowded place, roads and cities are everywhere. Yet somehow, these people hold on to traditions that go back to the very beginning of human civilization (JEROEN TORKIENS…)

Nomads have been roaming the earth for thousand of years, living off the land with their livestock or hunting and gathering food whenever they had the opportunity to. However, climate change and globalization have clearly impacted their lifestyle. Jeroen Toirkens, who has spent 12 of his life living with numerous nomadic people around the Northern Hemispehere, speaks about their complicant reality.

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The Blogger who conquered Youtube

Under the name Rubius, Ruben Tomás  has more than 4.300.000 in his Youtuber´s account. At first, he was just a boy of 20 years old who loved videogames and forums. It was not untill the december of 2011 when he started getting famous.  In two

years he was followed by 2.000.000 fans who adored him. Furthermore, he keeps having more and more suscribers which has make him the youtuber with most suscribers of Spain.


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