Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival is the main Chinese festival of the year.
As the Chinese use the lunar calendar for their festivals, the date of Chinese New Year changes from year to year. The date corresponds to the new moon. In 2014 it will be on January the 31.

It is customary to offer foods that symbolize prosperity, wealth, and good health when they have the money to spend for the celebration. This goes in observing superstitious beliefs or traditions, since it is also their traditions for Chinese New Year to avoid things that could bring bad luck.

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Famous monuments in China

China is a big country with a great tradition behind. As large as their territory are the monuments that can be found in it. These are some of the most important and famous monuments around the world, each one with its own history and its peculiarities have the ability to surprise everybody who visits them.

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How is gender in China

The purpose of this post is to compare how is gender in China, and connected with that how Chinese women feel that they are inferior than mens.

Chinese women are discriminated against in society and grow in an environment where the listener negative comments about their role in society, its capacity, its value … This creates it as a way of thinking that makes you feel incompetent, submissive and without values.

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Nomadic people of the world

Since the beginning of time, nomadic people have roamed the earth. Looking for food, feeding their cattle. Looking for an existence, freedom. Living in the wild, mountains, deserts, on tundra and ice. With only a thin layer of tent between them and nature. Earth in the 21st century is a crowded place, roads and cities are everywhere. Yet somehow, these people hold on to traditions that go back to the very beginning of human civilization (JEROEN TORKIENS…)

Nomads have been roaming the earth for thousand of years, living off the land with their livestock or hunting and gathering food whenever they had the opportunity to. However, climate change and globalization have clearly impacted their lifestyle. Jeroen Toirkens, who has spent 12 of his life living with numerous nomadic people around the Northern Hemispehere, speaks about their complicant reality.

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Chinese food has always been improving since it was discovered, and it represents quite good China´s history. As time went by, many different recipes were created in each dinasty; however, the highest peak rwas reached with Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). Chinese society has always valued their own gastronomy, and due to that, they made an extensive research on medicinal food. On the following paragraphs I will explain the main eigh cuisine types and the main ingredients used by chines people to prepare them.

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MULAN, the revelation of the Chinese Culture

The job that Disney did is in my opini0n pretty good. Mulan is the best film of Disney. It shows the children quite a lot of important values. The film also gives the world a feel for the Chinese culture. The story is based in reality.

We can talk about a union between the Toba clan of the Xianbei culture and the Han Chinese. Mulan plays a role of both a responsible Chinese daughter who wants to follow the family’s honor in order to cover her disabled father and an accomplished soldier who fights in the war.

Mulan is a great inspiration not only for the children who watch the film but also for the Chinese history. She is considered an embodiment of loyalty and filial piety. It is China’s most treasured legend. This values should be tought to every child in the world so that they learn that a girl be as strong as a boy and fight so hard in the war that the whole country gets to know her effort being a heroine.

Reporters such as Teresa Shen and Gisela Sommer have used the example of Mulan to illustrate how women have gained power in human history. In  August 31, 2011 this point of view has been known all over the world. They gained a lot of followers through the social networks when they informed about their point of view of the film Mulan.
Irene Llona. 

Famous people from China

Famous people from China.

Could you say that you know some famous from China?  Have you ever think how many famous people are from china?

It is to said that nowadays, famous people from China are not as well known as they could be the ones who are from America. Due to this, we should bear in mind that not all the famous are from America. Everyone should at least know five famous who have been born in this beautiful country called China and have succeded in the famous world.Lets go ahead and find out who are the five most popular people in China.

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