The wildlife of China

Animals in China

In China there are at least more than 100 wild animal species unique including such well-known rare animals as the giant panda, golden-haired monkey, Siberian tiger, red-crowned crane and Chinese alligator. It is to say that some of this animals that I´ll speak about, are vulnerable to extinction and that they are very important for the Chinese culture as they have special significant for its people.

Giant Panda: This black-and-white giant panda weighs on average 135 kg and lives on tender bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots. Because it is extremely rare – just over 1,500 are left at present – it has become the symbol of the world’s protected wild animals. The Giant Panda is considered a national treasure in China


Siberian Tiger: Everyone knows this tiger is one of the biggest predators of the world. This Tiger lives in the  snow-covered mountains in north-east China


Golden Monkey: Considered just as the panda, this monkey is a national treasure. However, this national treasure is in endangered due to the deforestation.


Chinese Alligator: Similar to the American alligators but smaller and armored all along its body

descarga (1)

Baiji: Known as the Yangtze River Dolphin is a fresh water dolphin only found in the Yangtze River. Sadly it has been categorized as critically endangered and possibly extinct, since a 2006 expedition failed to find any of the species in the river.

descarga (2)

Red-crowned crane: This animal could be as tall as 1.2 m, is covered with white feathers, with a distinctive patch of exposed red skin crowning its head and is regarded as a symbol of longevity in East Asia.

descarga (3)

Red Panda: Native of China, this small panda is found in the mountainous forests of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Even if it is no longer categorized as endangered it is still vulnerable

descarga (4)

Plants of China:

China has one of the most abundant plant life in the world. We could say that there are more than 32.000 species of plants. Furthermore , there are more than 7.000species of woody plants including 2.800-odd tree species

This plants are only found in China:

  1. The metasequoia
  2. Chinese cypress
  3. Cathay silver fir
  4. China fir
  5. Golden larch
  6. Taiwan fir
  7. Fujian cypress
  8. Dove-tree
  9. Eucommia
  10. Camplotheca acuminata

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