Pollution in China

 “I could barely see anything from the skywalk where I transfer subway lines every morning.” Says one citizen, according to Xinhua. Pollution is a very important issue in China. It has increased as China has industrialized and it has caused many environmental and health problems not only in China but also in the sorrounding countries. 

The big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkon or Xianhua are having serious air pollutions plagues. The environmental protection has been long sacrificed for the sake of economic development which is also increasing. The burning of coal and the emissions of the cars in the cities are major sources of Chinese pollution.

In the last years this has gone worse and no World Social Organization has been able to aminorate it. It is true that China has strengthen regulation and pledged financial resources to flight pollution. However, it is always very difficult to control these environmental problems in countries which are emerging economically and industrially.

Source: 8:18 a.m. EST January 16, 2014- USA newspaper. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/01/16/china-smog-air-pollution/4504729/

In this website you can see how unhealthy is the pollution in each city of China. [http://aqicn.org/map/china/]

Irene Llona. January, 17.01.2014

MULAN, the revelation of the Chinese Culture

The job that Disney did is in my opini0n pretty good. Mulan is the best film of Disney. It shows the children quite a lot of important values. The film also gives the world a feel for the Chinese culture. The story is based in reality.

We can talk about a union between the Toba clan of the Xianbei culture and the Han Chinese. Mulan plays a role of both a responsible Chinese daughter who wants to follow the family’s honor in order to cover her disabled father and an accomplished soldier who fights in the war.

Mulan is a great inspiration not only for the children who watch the film but also for the Chinese history. She is considered an embodiment of loyalty and filial piety. It is China’s most treasured legend. This values should be tought to every child in the world so that they learn that a girl be as strong as a boy and fight so hard in the war that the whole country gets to know her effort being a heroine.

Reporters such as Teresa Shen and Gisela Sommer have used the example of Mulan to illustrate how women have gained power in human history. In  August 31, 2011 this point of view has been known all over the world. They gained a lot of followers through the social networks when they informed about their point of view of the film Mulan.

Irene Llona.