“Lotus feet”

The bandaged foot (缠足 – chánzú) was a popular practice in some parts of China until the twentieth century. Activists against bounded feet educated practitioners by telling them the perception of the outside world of this trend as a barbarity, and teaching them the advantages of normal feet. With all this, the practice was nearly eradicated, but some families continued this tradition until it was banned by the Communist government in 1949. Continue reading

Famous monuments in China

China is a big country with a great tradition behind. As large as their territory are the monuments that can be found in it. These are some of the most important and famous monuments around the world, each one with its own history and its peculiarities have the ability to surprise everybody who visits them.

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THE PROJECT: Before they pass away

Life in its purest form exists. Everybody knows that there are people in the most remote places on the edge of disappearance, but Jimmy Nelson has gone further, and decided to visit the last tribes around the world with one goal: make people do not forget how things were.

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8 Good luck Chinese signs


The concept of luck has a lot of influence in Chinese culture. There are many different Chinese good luck symbols that can be found in homes, households, and belongings. They also take a big part in traditional rituals and celebrations, such as Chinese New Year. Here you can learn a little about some of the most important ones.

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